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The speakers of the XXVII. International Rosa Luxemburg Conference

Von Editorial staff
Mike Africa jr.
Mumia Abu Jamal
Lucia Pradella
Juan Ramon Quintana
Dmitri G. Nowikow
Jeremy Corbyn

Mike Africa Jr.
Mike Africa Jr. from Philadelphia (USA) is a member of Prison Radio, where he is in particular responsible for the contact with Mumia Abu Jamal. He was born in prison in 1978. His parents had been arrested a month earlier, after the siege, shelling and storming of the MOVE house in the middle of the city of Philadelphia, and sentenced to 30 years or life in prison. Mike Africa grew up in the MOVE commune and dedicated his life to freeing his parents. 40 years later – in 2018 – it became a reality.

Mumia Abu-Jamal
Mumia Abu-Jamal was born in Philadelphia (USA) in 1954. He was active in the Black Panther Party when he was a teenager. In 1981, he was framed for the murder of a police officer; since then, Mumia has been innocently in prison. First on death row, from which international solidarity freed him. Now, however, he is serving a life sentence in a regular prison. An appeal is currently underway in which Mumia can once again prove his innocence. He is being supported by football star Colin Kaepernick, historian and activist Johanna Fernández and US civil rights activist Angela Davis. He has been writing for junge Welt for many years.

Lucia Pradella
Lucia Pradella teaches International Political Economy at Kings College in London. She studied philosophy, social sciences and migration studies at the University of Venice Ca' Foscari and the Humboldt University in Berlin and collaborated on the historical-critical Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe (MEGA). Her research programme focuses on globalisation and the transformation of labour and poverty in Europe. She is a writer for the British daily newspaper The Guardian and for the socialist-oriented US magazine Jacobin. The topic of her lecture is: "Primacy of the Economy: High Armament and Intensified Exploitation".

Rosario del Pilar Pentón Díaz
Rosario del Pilar Pentón Díaz is the rector of the College of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC). She is a member of the PCC, the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), the Committee for the Defence of the Revolution (CDR) and the Cuban Trade Union Confederation (CTC). Since 2018, she has been a deputy of the National Assembly of Popular Power (Asamblea Nacional del Poder Popular), the parliament of the Republic of Cuba. On 8 January 2022, Rosario del Pilar Pentón Díaz will be a speaker at the XXVII. International Rosa Luxemburg Conference. The topic of her lecture is: "Organise resistance: Work, produce and live according to human needs instead of instead of maximizing profits"

Juan Ramón Quintana
Juan Ramón Quintana was Minister of the Presidency in the three governments of Bolivia's former President Evo Morales. An ex-military man who studied sociology and political science, he is considered Bolivia's anti-imperialist mastermind. In August, under the pseudonym Ernesto Eterno, he published the book "Contraofensiva imperial. Golpe de estado en Bolivia. Anatomía de la violencia y el saqueo" (Imperial counter-offensive. Coup d'Etat in Bolivia. Anatomy of violence and plunder). On 8 January 2022, he will be a speaker at the XXVII International Rosa Luxemburg Conference. The topic of his lecture is: "Role of democracy: Dismantling of rights in the bourgeois state".

Dmitri G. Novikov
Dmitri Georgievich Novikov, a historian with a PhD from Khabarovsk, born in 1969, has been a member of the Central Committee of the CP of the Russian Federation (CPRF) since 2004, a member of the CC presidium since 2008 and one of currently five deputy party leaders since 2013. In this capacity, he led the work to establish the party's television channel The Red Line, as well as the creation of the Centre for Political Training at the CC of the CPRF. In 2007, he was elected to the Duma for the first time and is also a member of the new 57-member CPRF parliamentary group elected on 19 September. The party had received around 19 per cent of the vote and describes itself as the only real opposition in Russia's highest parliament. The topic of his lecture is: "Imperialism in decline: Compulsion to the next big war".

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn is a British trade union official and Labour Party politician. His criticism of the Israeli government's occupation policy sparked a right-wing campaign against him, culminating in baseless accusations of antisemitism. His membership has been suspended since October 2020; Corbyn called the move a "political intervention" and is campaigning against it. He has represented the North Islington constituency in the House of Commons since 1983. From 2015 to 2020, he was party leader and leader of the opposition.

Rania Khalek
Rania Khalek is a Lebanese-US journalist and political activist based in the Middle East. She works for the independent news portal Breakthrough News, based in New York. Her work, including numerous articles on the Middle East conflict, has also appeared in The Grayzone, The Intercept, Truthout, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, Al Jazeera, The Nation, Salon, AlterNet, Vice and others.