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75 Ausgaben junge Welt für 75 € 75 Ausgaben junge Welt für 75 €
75 Ausgaben junge Welt für 75 €
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International Rosa Luxemburg Conference

Von jW

Since 1996 the International Rosa Luxemburg Conference is taking place on the second Saturday in January in Berlin. It was initiated by the nationwide marxist, independent daily newspaper “junge Welt” (young world). Focuses of the event are lectures and discussions about experience, analyses and activities of left movements and parties worldwide, as well as about developments and political struggles in Germany.

More than 2.000 people of different provenience and all ages meet regularly on the Rosa Luxemburg Conference to discuss about the relevance of the work done by Rosa Luxemburg, about left theory and politics, about history and presence of anti-imperialistic movements and perspectives of social changes. Lecturers and visitors of the conference derive from different political contexts or are unorganized. But all of them are united in search of ways to burst the murderous neo-liberal development, as well as the will to bear down capitalism and the belief in the necessity of a socialistic perspective. Not by chance the spectrum of the conference visitors complies with the readership of “junge Welt”.

In the main international guests are invited for lectures, generally only one speaker comes from Germany. Language barriers are resolved by simultaneous translation, normally conference languages are English, Spanish and German. Moreover about 30 organizations, parties and publishers introduce themselves at information booths. On the day after the conference the huge demonstration in honour of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht takes place in Berlin. Many visitors take the opportunity and combine both dates with each other.

The Rosa Luxemburg Conference is arranged by the daily newspaper “junge Welt”, supported by trade unions, left media and organizations.