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Gegründet 1947 Sa. / So., 13. / 14. April 2024, Nr. 87
Die junge Welt wird von 2767 GenossInnen herausgegeben
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23.11.2023 10:02 Uhr

Who owns the World?

The XXIX. International Rosa Luxemburg Conference sets important political accents and new standards

The XXIX. International Rosa-Luxemburg-Conference on 13 January 2024 in Berlin will be held under the motto "Who owns the World?". This question will reflect the fundamental change in the global balance of power, the upheaval in international relations caused by the rise of the global South - above all the People's Republic of China as the second largest economic power. It is a shift of hegemony that the previous masters of the world, the US-led NATO states, are trying to counter with increased militarism, the drumming up of war and the instrumentalization of fascism

With the question "Who owns the World?" we also want to look to the future. What will happen on and to our planet if the neoliberal forces continue to prevail unrestrained, with all the destructive consequences for humanity and the environment? What does it mean if resources that are urgently needed to fight poverty or protect the climate are instead channeled into armament and wars? So, in Marxist terms, it is about property relations, globally.

A different world is not only necessary, but also possible! Or, as Rosa Luxemburg put it concisely in the midst of the First World War: It's a question of deciding between “socialism or barbarism?". The contributions of our international speakers and the extensive cultural program will revolve around this question. On the closing panel, which is traditionally dedicated to local situation in the early evening, we will then pose the question: Who will stop the right-wingers, in view of the advance of fascist forces around the AfD - but also with regard to the adoption of their agenda by the established bourgeois parties?

The XXIX Rosa Luxemburg Conference will take place at the "Tempodrom" in Berlin to send a powerful signal at the start of the year on the Liebknecht-Luxemburg weekend. We want to set new standards, because this venue offers space for significantly more visitors than the venues of previous years.