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24.09.2018: Reproductive rights in Latin America

Discussion with:
* Cecilia Maas (Argentina)
* Kristina Hinz (researcher on feminism in Brazil)
* Anita Gutiérrez (Frente Amplio, Chile)

In Argentina, Congress narrowly passed a bill legalizing abortion. This bill came before the Senate in August. Although it was rejected, the fight goes on.

Meanwhile in Chile, after the approval of legislation permitting abortion under restricted circumstances, 40,000 women marched in Santiago demanding a “full, free, legal” abortion law and carrying signs saying “the rich pay for it, the poor blooded out ”.

In Brazil too, there is a growing movement against laws which make abortion only legal  in cases of rape and danger to the woman’s life.

A panel of women will discuss what Europeans can learn from the protests in Latin America and whether we can expect real improvements in women’s rights in the region.

Veranstaltet durch: Die LINKE Berlin Internationals

19:00 Uhr

Karl Liebknecht Haus, Luxemburg Saal
Kleine Alexanderstraße 28
10178 Berlin
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